『UTESTATE』が、外国人向けに東京の賃貸アパートメントのご案内を開始しました【MORRIS JAPAN INC.】



『UTESTATE』は、MORRIS JAPAN INC.(Address:Chuo-ku,Tokyo, CEO:Yoshimori Ito)が運営する、複数言語に対応した賃貸アパートメント検索ポータルサイトです。東京都心(港区、渋谷区、品川区、千代田区、中央区)を中心に、毎日、100件前後の最新物件情報を更新しており、外国人の方が、英語や中国語で、最新の賃貸情報を検索したり、お問い合わせしたりすることが可能です。



■About Morris Japan Inc.

Firm Name      :Morris Japan Inc.
Address        :SevenBulding1F,3-7-14,Ningyo-cho,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,Japan
TEL            :81-3-6206-2540
E-MAIL         :press@morris-j.co.jp
Business Domain:Brokerage of Real Estate residential properties

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Good news for foreigners wanting to live in Japan! UTESTATE.com
launches realtime delivery of real estate information aimed at


June 1, 2012 – TOKYO. Morris Japan Inc. announced its new search
portal site at UTESTATE.com(http://www.utestate.com/en), specially

designed for people looking for apartments to rent. The site offers
rental information in several languages, including English, Chinese,
and Japanese. Daily updates are available in English and Chinese,
listing over one hundred rental opportunities in the Tokyo area,
including Minato-ku, Shibuya-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Chiyoda-ku and

“We are simplifying the Japanese real estate market and making it more
convenient and transparent,” stated Yoshimori Ito, CEO at Morris Japan
Inc. “Our goal is to make things much easier for foreigners to
relocate here in the greater Tokyo area.”

Up until now, Japanese real estate information has been generally
unavailable because of antiquated customs and poor communication. It
was nearly impossible for foreigners to find current housing
information. At UTESTATE.com, rental housing information coming on the
market is translated automatically into the subscriber’s native
language and sent anywhere in the world within hours. People planning
a long stay in the Tokyo area can make better housing decisions by
seeing available properties online, thereby greatly reducing the
chance of making major mistakes.

Rental and agency fees are fully disclosed up front with all rental
properties. This lets renters avoid surprises when they arrive on the

For further information, visit UTESTATE.com. At “UTESTATE” our aim is
for a service that takes the hard-to-understand Japanese real estate
service and offers more convenience and better contract terms through
an easy-to-understand and highly transparent provision of information.

Morris Japan Inc.

Firm Name      :Morris Japan Inc.
Address        :SevenBulding1F,3-7-14,Ningyo-
TEL            :81-3-6206-2540
E-MAIL         :press@morris-j.co.jp
Business Domain:Brokerage of residential real estate

<Web site>
UTESTATE                   : http://www.UTESTATE.com/en
Morris Japan Inc.          : http://morris-j.co.jp/





『UTESTATE(http://www.utestate.com/zh)』是由MORRIS JAPAN
INC.(Address∶Chuo-ku,Tokyo, CEO∶YoshimoriIto)运营、支持多种语言的租赁公寓搜索门户网站。



此外,『UTESTATE』还提供有关key money和agent fee的公开信息。


Morris Japan Inc.

Firm Name      :Morris Japan Inc.
Address        :SevenBulding1F,3-7-14,Ningyo-
TEL            :81-3-6206-2540
E-MAIL         :press@morris-j.co.jp

UTESTATE                   : http://www.utestate.com/zh